Life Members

The highest membership honor awarded by the North Carolina Chapter of APCO and APCO International is that of Life Member.  The individuals listed below have been designated Life Members by the North Carolina Chapter of APCO, an honor reserved for members of APCO who have made a significant contribution toward the objectives of North Carolina APCO and APCO International above and beyond just the local chapter level.  Life Members have served a full term as President of APCO International or must have maintained membership for 15 or more years and made at least five major accomplishments that have contributed significantly to the betterment of the Association and public-safety communications as a whole.

We recognize the following Life Members of North Carolina APCO:

  • Martha Hasty
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Don Mabe
  • Gary Michael
  • Geneva Nash
  • Marcia Simmons
  • Frank Thomason
  • Susan Waddell