President's Welcome

It is an honor and a privilege to represent all of you as your current NC APCO Chapter President. I am passionate about the profession of Telecommunicator and have made it a personal mission to ensure that the training that we provide to our staff be some of the best within the state and across our nation. This passion and deep interest also extends to issues that are at the forefront of interest on the legislative side that have the ability to affect the funding, staffing and retention, and technology updates.

As we enter into our next Chapter year, there are a few things, I would like to call to your attention that myself and my Executive Board will be working on and toward:

  • The NC Chapter of APCO will continue to mirror the APCO Institute by continuing to offer top APCO training courses, the Telecommunicator N Sanity Retreat, and other training on demand classes to keep the Telecommunicators of NC up-to-date in their industry knowledge and their skill level.

  • The NC Chapter of APCO will stand with the APCO Institute, in its support in the fight for reclassification of public safety telecommunicators (PSTs) that is still underway, and they continue to ask our members and supporters to help PSTs get the recognition and respect they deserve.

  • In addition to this issue, the NC Chapter of APCO will also continue to stay abreast of those other legislative matters that affect how we work. We will continue to maintain our lobbyist, our 9-1-1 Board representative, and our NC APCO Executive Council Representative, who will collectively keep us informed on the current issues within our professional arena. We will also continue to support the annual 9-1-1 Goes to Washington with our NENA Chapter so that we can work together in keeping our respective memberships informed.

  • We are now over 1100 members strong and counting. We will continue to encourage agencies to do group memberships, which hopefully will encourage their staff to become active members within our chapter. Be on the lookout for planned events that will be aimed at growing our Chapter. 
APCO International challenges us to IMAGINE, EVOLVE AND INFLUENCE: 
I challenge each of you to continue to be involved in our Chapter and if you are a new APCO member, I challenge you to become involved. We are only as progressive and innovative as our membership, so become an active part of our chapter by volunteering your time and your talents. Just imagine where we can go if we all pull together and share the load.

As our professional arena continues to morph and change with quicker and faster technology, exposing all of us to even more information, to now include a visual, we have to work at evolving in how we hire, retain, train and approach one another, for we have become a very diverse and young industry.

There is strength in numbers. Our influence comes from all of us working as a collective group to express our wants and our needs, as it relates to the betterment of our profession. Get involved. We need each and every one of you to create change. Just imagine what you can be, how you can evolve in your career and by actually participating have influence on the path that the profession of emergency communications continues on or influence the start of a new path for the progression of this profession we call Public Safety Telecommunicator.

I am always available to you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the NC APCO Board.

Jeryl Anderson
North Carolina APCO