Proposed NC APCO Regions

North Carolina APCO Board Proposes Realignment of Geographic Regions

July 20, 2018 - To better serve our members throughout North Carolina, the NC APCO Board has proposed changes to the existing NC APCO Regions.  Based on the current geographic configuration our Region A Regional Ambassador serves a total population of 465,611, while the Region E Regional Ambassador serves a population of 2,757,568 and the Region B Regional Ambassador serves a population of 2,416,025.  This chart shows the current breakdown of population by region.

Following much research and consideration, the NC APCO Board proposes a shifting of the regions to better serve our membership throughout the entire state.  Maps of the current region configuration and the proposed region configurations are shown below.

The shift in regions will be included in proposed North Carolina APCO Constitution and Bylaws changes that will be voted on by the membership during the NC APCO Chapter Meeting during the 2018 NC Public-Safety Communications Conference on September 12, 2018.

Your Board is seeking feedback from our membership, and encourages anyone with comments or questions to send them to